this is a family-owned business

Founded in 2008

In January of 2008, Jim & Sherry Huffman started Team Green Lawn Pro as a sister company to their already established, Seventh Son Termite & Pest Management Inc. This company was founded and raised on the same loyalty and accuracy as Seventh Son. Team Green expanded by buying Boems Lawn Care from Rushville, Illinois. They provide services ranging from lawn weed control to seeding, fertilization, aeration, and much more.

Jim has been a proactive leader and employee for Team Green since its birth and works hand in hand with his son, Christopher. This is a local, family-owned business, and they pride themselves on being family-owned.

Team Green has bloomed beautifully including new equipment with a GPS system. This high-end piece of equipment allows them to accurately, and in a time-efficient manner, adapt to the customization of their clients’ needs. In addition to their new technology, Team Green uses top of the line products and always shows interest in new treatments. They pride themselves on making your lawn look lushes and green.

Team Green is always looking for new ways to expand their business and their clientele. They are “the team that will make your grass green.”