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Team Green Lawn Pro is the leader in lawn care and weed control in the Macomb, IL area. We can make your grass the envy of the street, take care of any weed problems once and for all, and eradicate any pests who may endanger the health of your lawn. The best part is that we not only provide elite lawn care, we also offer affordable prices.

Team green lawn pro's mission

the greenest grass

Nothing makes a home look more impressive and luxurious to onlookers than a perfectly manicured lush green lawn. Likewise, nothing makes a home look more unkempt than weed-infested, patchy brown grass. Team Green Lawn Pro can make your lawn greener and more vibrant than ever. We have experienced lawn professionals serving the Macomb, IL area.

In addition to being owners of Team Green Lawn Pro, in Macomb, IL, we also own Seventh Son Termite & Pest Management, Inc. While we’re making sure your lawn is perfect for the spring and summer months, we can also get rid of unwanted pests.

Team Green Lawn Pro services

Residential & Commercial

Team Green is small enough to offer personalized customer service but big enough to handle any job. We have enough equipment and enough manpower to take on large commercial projects, but also provide services for homeowners because we believe everyone deserves to have a lawn they love. We do rolling of yards, fertilizer, pre-emergent, post-emergent, aeration, weed control on the lawn only, moles, grass seeding, soil delivery, stump grinding and removal, and soil leveling.

Team of Professionals

We care about your lawn, we’ll get the job done right!


Our main office is located in Macomb, IL.

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We can make your grass the envy of the street.

We specialize in creating

Happy Clients

Not only do they do an outstanding job on your yard, they are professional and quite sweet at the same time. This is a level of service seldom seen in today’s world!

William T.

Come look at my yard and see the difference yourself. I love no weeds and to walk in soft green grass!

Sherry H.